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Professional women, discover your speaking super-power.

Transform your verbal presentation skills and confidence through top level training designed for you. 

Our training is very practical and hands-on. 

It is focused on all needs, from high level speakers seeking more strategy and gravitas to those wanting to end speaking nerves and develop more confidence.

Attendees learn to make a great speech in 1-day (or via a 3-hour power program). They discover the impact of women training together in a safe, supportive, professional setting. 

Hundreds of women have already graduated from the smash-hit Women’s Speaking training program. They are now regularly speaking at conferences, events and workplace meetings.

Training format

  • Online or face-to-face (workbook and learning templates provided)
  • Small groups, 3-hour power sessions or full or multiple days
  • Single trainer or multi trainer options including voice training and writing workshops
  • Fun, interactive and engaging sessions
  • Learning designed to support professional women including setting a speaking plan for now and the future 
  • Skills development in designing and writing a presentation and delivering to the group during the workshop
  • Training tips and templates to enhance rapid learning
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Confidentiality ensured

Training content

  • Design speaking goals 
  • Understand why speaking can be challenging
  • Discover speaking is a business and professional skill you can master
  • Find your voice and gravitas including microphone techniques
  • Learn how to stand and hold your space in front of a group 
  • Set a strategy for your speech
  • Understand and engage your audience
  • Design and write your own presentation/elevator pitch
  • Practise your presentation on a stage 
  • Deliver your speech to the group 
  • Confirm your next steps and presentation plan